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Honorable Discharge - The Final Update (v.0.18.8)

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  • Honorable Discharge - The Final Update (v.0.18.8)

    Blastlands: Team Combat will no longer be developed after this last & final update (v.0.18.8).

    At the end of this season, limited support will now be in place with a concluding ‘infinity season’ made available to all players. Final game balances have been completed, the shop has been removed, and there will be no further adjustments to come. For Now.

    From all of us at Strange Quest, we give you the most gargantuan THANK YOU for playing Blastlands: Team Combat and for being a part of the amazing journey that the game has experienced. You’ve made the Community an awesome place and we’re looking forward to welcoming you on our next adventure.

    …which is top secret at the moment.

    /The SQ Team <3

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    I wish it had caught on better. You developed a fun game. Can't wait to see what is next


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      Thanks for the kind words Merciless . We'll be sure to keep the updates fresh regarding the next projects, hopefully pretty soon!


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        Gareth are you a programmer yourself?


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          Thankfully, no I'm not. I only say "thankfully" as I'm pretty sure I'd wake up one morning with a full head of white hair - just like what happened to Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks. It looks a little too stressful for me. I'm in the Marketing side of Strange Quest.