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New Update (v. 0.13.42)

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  • New Update (v. 0.13.42)

    New update available on the Google Play store (v. 0.13.42)

    Our most recent update comes with a few cool additions (or at least, we think so...). In our continued quest to find the perfect balance, we've given the controls an overhaul again. One thing we had noticed previously, that the "dance of death" was a bit of a mess, even if you dashed away from the fight. So instead of circling your enemy over an over, you can now aim in a different direction to the way you're facing.

    We've also added in a regeneration element. If you're low on health, dive out of battle for a second or two, keep the gunfire to a minimum, and you'll see you health slowly regenerate over time. It won't go to max, but it will be enough to keep you in the fight a little longer.

    Full list of changes are below:
    • Controls have been revamped again resulting in all future battlefield hoedowns being cancelled
    • Health regeneration has also been introduced. Stay out of trouble and hold off from firing for a few seconds to get a welcome health boost
    • Tanks no longer take damage from their own explosions in FFA
    • New leaderboard UI
    • Unit balancing: all units have been adjusted due to the new controls
    • Visuals updated: Pretty health bar, new loading screens, maps polished up
    • Another BAJILLION bug fixes

    As with every update, we're eager to find out your thoughts on the changes so please let us know.

    Thanks for playing along with us!

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    i dont like the new Update i think the ingame Control was better before Update i´m very unhappy StrangeQuest but we will see in the Future we find the right way
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      yay a reason to play again. lets check it out.


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        well in my opinion, it's now less skill based, can't even use sprint properly. the fact that the speed class is based on a burst round means you have to time the shots, which took skill. Now you have to be constantly shooting to be accurate at all. and tanks should definately injure themselves. all shooters have self inflicting pain, it adds skill. love this game still. and the devs too.


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          We will See in the future sure we all loves the developers its a great Game


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            Thanks for the feedback. The controls are quite big changes this time around, mainly because of the change from tap-to-shoot, to press-and-hold-to-shoot. We want to keep the action and pace up hence why the units are always moving), but we found there was a lot of "dances of death" happening (when you and the enemy just kind of run around each other in a little circle trying to kill the other).

            To try and stop that from happening, we wanted to be able to run in one direction and fire in another. Tapping on the shoot button didn't really give the accuracy or feel we thought was right (as you can easy lose track of where the middle of the stick should be on your screen), hence why we have the press-and-hold-to-shoot with the field of damage to highlight the direction. It's definitely stopped the awkward dances now, but obviously the timing of shooting has changed.

            Dashing is still there as well, but we've moved it to the left side (swipe with the left thumb now). I'm just about used to it now thought I think...although, I still forget to dash with the left thumb.


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              I don't like the new shooting style. Nothing wrong with death dance!


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                Mercilles same Problem i stop playing for 2 days now i will wait for reset it