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New Update (v. 0.11.24)

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  • New Update (v. 0.11.24)

    New update available on the Google Play store (v. 0.11.24)

    We know there's been a few issues with connecting to the game recently, so we actually locked our developers in a small room at the Strange Quest HQ and only let them out this morning once they'd finished the repairs.**

    In this update we have:
    • New Unit! An elite Savvy Neal had been introduced to assist with decimating the enemy.
    • Better spawning! Tactical insertion is now anywhere on the battlefield so be prepared for a hot landing.
    • XP Levels adjusted (your level may also have changed depending on the new XP amounts). Units and Game Modes now unlock at different stages.
    • Fixed the nasty bugs that may have stopped your game from loading.

    Remember to leave us feedback.

    **This may or may not be true.
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    Thanks for the update, it is great especially the new class


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      Pew pew! The sound of the gun when Savvy Neal shoots.