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  • The game, one year later

    Hello ! Well it has been quite a while since I last visited this forum, longer than one year, but I digress. Anyways I would like to praise the devs on the progress so far, one year ago the wasn't as well polish and also felt kinda dull. Which now isn't the case anymore. One thing that didn't really change too much are the game modes, 1-2 new game modes wouldn't hurt since they have been the same for a pretty long time now and its kinda stale :P. Maybe Free4All could be spiced up or we get new modes. But then again that's probably already on the priority list.


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    Oh lol it got scrapped, well uh yeah shit.


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      Hey Artillery , we appreciate the kind words about Blastlands and totally agree that a lot can happen in a year. We still like to think of it as a fairly polished game with potential, but right now we're focusing our attention on the next project - which is hopefully coming pretty soon.

      Blastlands is still out there in the wild and available to all to enjoy, but yeah, content and expansions are currently on hold. For now.