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    Hi first off I'd like to say thank you making a great game
    I've been playing a minute now and have some feedback

    ​​​​​​Sometimes when I shoot the cargo boxes I end running around them because they won't open even though I'm hitting them and is frustrating

    I've noticed some players and bots can dash across the map rather quickly but am unsure how to do this and I can't seem to find instructions

    The mines are in annoying places

    As soon as another player sees your not a bot they just come straight after you regardless if there's more logical things to destroy

    When a player becomes a sniper there's no coordination to try take it out. its kind of like they have no idea of the concept of the game

    I still don't understand the target system of the sniper and how to use it

    The ability you choose to equip needs to activate immediately and sometimes doesn't active at all even after pushing the button multiple times

    Consider letting us choose when to use extra speed extra damage etc

    I'll add more as I think of them



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    Hey buddy to Sprint in a direction, swipe your finger across the screen in that direction. Also swipe on right side of screen to do this.


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      And as for the sniper class. It's is a one hit kill to all players/tanks, etc. The way to use her is to watch the map for red dots, and keep your distance from them. She can shoot things before they can shoot her. So try to stay at a distance. The aiming system is pretty simple. As long as your facing the intended target it will usually hit them.


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        You will have to get a feel for how far she can shoot, but it is pretty far. So just remember to use that yo your advantage.


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          and if you play with the Sniper class, look at the map if you have little life, stay where no players are, and look for boxes maybe you find a box with Bonus life ( tipp use the Shield Boosts)


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            and happy hunting


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              I use health boosts. :P only after I get the wipe do I use it. To each his own.


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                Great tips thank you I will test them out shortly and see how it goes

                Edit to add just got my wipe thanks again

                See yous on the battlefield
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                  yeah no Problem See you